The grass is greener…… On the golf course!

The difference friendships can make…

The difference friendships can make...

When i first got to Miami in 2009 i was slapped in the face by reality. I have to be honest, as exciting as Miami was i found it so hard to adjust and get used to the difference….. on my own! It was the first time i truly left home for a significant period of time and it took me a while to learn how to live and most importantly, be happy when i was by myself. All my securities were at home. My family, my friends and everything i was used to. A lot of the time i considered going home because i was partially scared to be in a city like Miami where it is every person for themselves. This was quite the contrast to New Zealand where people are inviting, friendly and laid back. A couple of days into school i met a couple of guys who helped me get back on track. Its been four years now since i met them and to be honest, i wouldn’t have got through the years without them (#MIAfamilia). Through all the things i have been through over the years, it is without a doubt that my friendships have been a big part of all my successes. Whether they are at home, or here with me, they are always in my heart! There isn’t a day that goes by i don’t think about how fortunate i am to have friends like i do. So this post is a thank you to all my friends who have been there for me through out this time. I love you all!

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