The grass is greener…… On the golf course!

And the verdict is…..

And the verdict is.....

So its now official! The pain that my left wrist has been giving me is a tear that is unstable and because of it, i will be now needing surgery in there too. Saw the doctor on Thursday and was intending on getting bad news about my right wrist but what do you know, things never cease to amaze me. So here we go again. I will play out the end of season (this my my choice) and once it is over we will re-evaluate. In the mean time, treatment, strengthening, treatment, strengthen and so on. Fingers crossed i can get through the rest of season. Being my senior year, we have an amazing opportunity with the strength of team we have to win our conference, and this is an opportunity i refuse to throw away! Got to love being an athlete and all that comes with it!

And for what its worth, i don’t advise ever that you play on an injury. This is all entirely my decision to take this risk. “Everything happens for a reason” right? And whether you think it at the time or not, it is ALWAYS for the right reason! You just have to trust in it….

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