The grass is greener…… On the golf course!

Future first….


The past 7 weeks have had its fair share of up and downs! I’ve been away from home trying to play my first few tournaments as a professional. Unfortunately for me, my time on the ALPG tour has come to an end. I have had to pull out of the Victorian Open event this week due to advice from my specialist for my wrists. As bad as I want to play this event, three years of injury has taught me a heck of a lot and with a long future ahead of me, the risk is not worth it this early out if rehab!

So it’s back to New Zealand for me tomorrow to get back into strengthening and preparations for moving to America. I played a lot of rounds realising I was not yet strong enough in my wrists to play the shots I need to in order to compete. So priorities come first: health, strength and technique.

Along with the tough times, there have been plenty of good. I received my first check as a pro. I have posted some good rounds along with some not so good but ultimately, I have had an amazing last 7weeks and I’m so fortunate to get to wake up every morning and do what I truly love. I have met so many people who I am lucky enough to now call my friends! I have learnt so many things so early into my new career, but the most important was knowing that I am indeed on the right track. My mental game has been tested immensely this past few weeks as well and I will continue to put it through these difficulties in order to grow and get stronger.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me so far. It’s the little messages of encouragement and support that get you through the tough times and accentuate the good times!

So after last two months, I feel its appropriate to leave you with a quote which is very relevant for the golfer (and non golfer) out there: “be ready when opportunity comes…luck is the time when preparation meets opportunity”

Work hard, play hard! On to the next step…

4 Responses to “Future first….”

  1. Wheels

    Opportunities are like a train, they only wait at the platform for a short period of time before it moves on.

    There was once a famous Rugby League footballer playing in Sydney who broke his arm early in the season and didn’t play for the rest of the year. In his very first game of the next season he accidentally ran into the goal posts and broke his arm again. He didn’t give up, played again representing his country for many years and now is a state team coach in retirement enjoying every day of his life.

    Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not upon your understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.

  2. Geoffrey WELLS

    SPOT-ON! Tania (re. Future First sharing). Knowing that you are “indeed on the right track” after 7 weeks of ALPG ups AND testing downs (i.e. “mental games”) is one signpost that you will “prevail” in your back-North 2014 journey; and so be prepared for future Vic(tory!) Opens …

    I’m confident that your end-or-year – (whether Q’ing (LPGA or LET) &/or other paths) – will be filled with ‘just right’ opportunities, for which you have (consciously or unconsciously) prepared yourself.

    How great to wake up to living golf. A focus on health, strength & technique will help you decide when to play / practice / train / rehab.; or (necessarily) when to rest those special wrists and share with others via media / clinics / Pro-duties); or enjoy friends / family / private time.

    Oh; it felt appropriate to reply to your latest blog post after I (just today) heard an ABC radio interview with (-turns out to be FIU graduate!-) David Menasche; talking about his ‘The Priority List’ and journey. It reminded me of your blog; and I suspect his story is the kind that may help encourage your “next step”.

    • taniatare63

      Hey, thanks heaps for the comment! Apparently you were there in Melbourne too! I wasn’t able to be there unfortunately but I will get better and prep for the rest of the year now. Keep in touch and thanks for all your words!



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