The grass is greener…… On the golf course!

West Coast ===> East Coast


So I am officially back in the 305, the sunshine coast. Although I prefer the west coast, I can’t argue that Florida really is the supreme state for the professional golfer.

For those asking if I am playing in the ALPG (Australian Ladies Professional Golf) events in January and February, I’m sure you know now that I won’t be playing in any this year. As much as I wanted to, my coach and I decided in my last visit here that it was best I hold back from them in order to spend the next two months honing in on my game. After the surgeries, I have had to work around some new found stability in my wrists. This is something that is much more obvious now having recently  had the chance to truly work on my game. These differences are minor but when you get into the professional level, there is no room for old habits to linger. The lack of confidence that will accompany them will be detrimental to your game. Golf is a game of consistency and consistent practice creates consistent results.

So back to technical training.

Majority of people have talent, but when you get up to this level of golf its about limiting your mistakes. Don’t let the old habits you have stop you from being consistent. Know your body, work WITH it and create a reliable and consistent game. Those are the golfers that will win under pressure.

“Practice puts brains in your muscles” – Sam Snead

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