The grass is greener…… On the golf course!

Body Awareness



I used to take my body for granted. I used to think it was invincible. Until I went through my wrists ordeal, I never even had the thought of injury enter my mind. But that naivety ended up getting the better of me.

One thing I learnt in that time was how important my body is. Of course we know without a fit and healthy body, we can’t be professional athletes (or even social for that matter). But what about the correlation between your mind and body. Knowing where you are and the position of your body physically in your swing. Sometimes you may have a coach tell you to make a move and while you think you are doing it, you’re actually nowhere near where your mind thinks.

In the process of regaining strength and flexibility, I noticed my lack of body awareness. Parts of my body were weaker and tighter and my mentality hadn’t quite registered that. The affect was subconsciously getting into wrong and unhealthy positions in my swing to the disbelief of my mind.

Majority of the time, the issue in your swing always comes back to something so simple and often overlooked. But it is important to always check your basics and know in your mind whether your body is there or not. By doing this consistently enough in your practice, you should be able to remind yourself of where your body needs to be at on the course for the benefit of your swing.

Remember, golf is an unorthodox motion and your body will take a heavy toll. Until it is strong enough and taught where to go, it will always want to go back to its natural everyday positions. By building strength where needed and teaching your mind to be more aware of your correct golf positions, you can only improve in your health, and on the course.

“It’s your body! Tell it what to do!”

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