The grass is greener…… On the golf course!

The best strength is consistency…


If I had one piece of technical advice for the golfer, it would be that because “golf is a complicated, uncomfortable, unorthodox movement, the best thing you can do for your golf is simplify it”. I find a lot of coaches often are trying to get people into places that they just don’t understand or feel comfortable at and although sometimes that is needed, it’s ineffective if the player finds it too difficult to do it. And for the average golfer who doesn’t have the time or the willingness to go practice, that’s never going to work for them. At this point a good coach should learn to work with a player.

There is no perfect swing, instead there are just consistent swings. You don’t see any two players having the same swing on tour. Not even the ones who are coached by the same person. That’s because everybody has their different weaknesses and strengths. The best thing a coach for the average golfer can do is work with that! If your coach is too stubborn to work with you, move on! This will be no benefit to you! And there are plenty more coaches to go around. If you’re unsure, you can ask me and I can easily point you in the right direction…..

Consistency is the key!

5 Responses to “The best strength is consistency…”

  1. clem1963

    Not only your swing, but getting your thinking consistent; decide the right shot before you choose your club, then move to a focus on playing the shot with a simple swing thought. Visualise success. Accept the odd failure.

    • taniatare

      Target => Commit => Trust

      1) Pick your target
      2) Commit to it
      3) Trust it

      Indecision is the biggest swing failure…..

      You’re right on point Clem!

  2. Geoffrey Wells

    Tania, I’m not sure if you realise just how valuable your posts are to some readers (like me). Being in a different continent, I often wonder how your progress is going and even worry about those seemingly little things (like how the interlocking grip change has evolved, or tournament prep progress) which are actually huge things from technique, commitment and future perspectives. There is surely a diversity of ‘right ways’ to get where we are each meant to go … it takes guts to find your own way through the many obstacles. So keep having fun finding your best way! G

    • taniatare

      If this page can help even just one person, then it’s definitely worth it! Thanks for always supporting me Geoffrey!

  3. Matias Doro Altan

    Thank you for shearing your experiences. Beautifull! Keep doing all what you are allready doing!


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