The grass is greener…… On the golf course!

“The Rocking Chair Theory”


According to my brother

The basic idea of this is when the time comes and you’re older, sitting in your rocking chair, you will be able to think back and have as little memories of regret as possible. That hopefully, during your lifetime, you will try do all the things you truly want to do and you will live each day to the fullest. To say yes more than you say no because you only get one life to live. And you should never settle for what makes you feel “ok” as opposed to amazing.

So far in my life I can honestly say keeping this theory in mind has led me to most of the best decisions in my life. I have lived in another country for the better part of 7 years now. I have played at exclusive golf courses and lived in mansions with people I am lucky enough now to call friends. My friendships expand to literally all over the world. There is so much I have done so far that I am grateful for. Having a more open mind has allowed me to enjoy new experiences, and its amazing the things you get to explore once you do that.

I’ve always been very realistic, and although it has helped me make very wise decisions, it has sometimes forced me to sacrifice what I really love. I always felt this was the smart way to live, and it’s taken me a really long time to understand that you need to at least find the balance. Yeah, you may live a life that is secure and safe, but for me I prefer to take the risk. Your lows may be low but the highs you will have, they’re the moments worth living for. Doing things because someone tells you to, or because society expects it of you isn’t the pathway to your happiness. It is the pathway to theirs. And it’s your job to make you happy first. I now follow my heart a lot more closely, and this way of thinking has encouraged me to leave for America, get a degree while playing Division 1 College Golf and turn professional. Not to mention all the places I’ve been and people I’ve met on the way.

So do your best to limit your regrets when the day comes and you are sitting in your rocking chair. You are never too old to follow what your heart desires and start really enjoying life. The best days of mine I’m convinced, are yet to come.

4 Responses to ““The Rocking Chair Theory””

  1. Kyle Greene

    Yes, I know that your best days are yet to come. Fight through and try your best to enjoy the journey. All your efforts and hard work will pay off.

  2. Erika-Jade

    Ok Tania,
    Just another tic☑️in the talented column! IF (and that’s a very big if) golf doesn’t work out? You definitely have an insanely amazing knack for writing. So talent must just ooze through your pores?! Lol
    I’m a firm believer in the saying “everything happens for a reason” and “visualize~materialize” and on this rainy yucky morning here in Calgary Canada, I was having mirrored feelings to the weather! And decided to pop open the laptop and watch some golf since I can’t play today! And I came across YOU! So I creepily cyber stalked ya for the past 20 min (not in a “call the cops” kinda stalk either rest assured😉) lol and I came across your blog in doing so! And THIS exact entry totally shifted me! My feelings! My down and yucky attitude! And my motivation! So for that, I’m TRULY thankful! You are officially bookmarked sista! And as the beautiful universe would have it, the sun has peeked her beautiful face through the clouds! I call that a quick turn around! Who needs a mulligan for their morning now?!?! Not this girl! Happy Wednesday chiclet!

    • taniatare63

      Hey everything you said really is amazing to read! Thank you so much for reaching out to me to say that! I feel pretty humbled to say the least…..


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