The grass is greener…… On the golf course!

Get comfortable, being uncomfortable!

I basically just spent the entire year of 2017, out of my comfort zone. But combine the fact that I was doing something I’m comfortable doing, you would think they would balance each other out right? Well, they did. But that’s not to say I didn’t have a lot to learn and get used to. So of everything that happened in this last incredible period of my life, I tried to narrow down my most significant and enlightening thoughts I’ve managed to come to terms with this year.

Feel free to disagree. But after reading the first point, you’ll see why I don’t even care.

First of all, it is literally impossible to please everyone.

You are not required to set yourself on fire, to keep everyone warm

Ive watched so many people around me breaking themselves down to make other people happy. People spending too much time doing something they don’t want to be, only to regret not following their heart. Sacrificing their dreams so they can do “what is right”. Most of the time its not even whats right to them, but instead, whats right to someone else. But, what does that even mean? When there are billions of people who get a shot at this thing called life, who gets to write the notion that “this or that” is “right”? Others opinions, gossip and judgements should be irrelevant when deciding what you want to do with your life. I mean, is your life really yours if you constantly care what people think?

Besides, at the end of the day, even if you were to change your ways to make someone else happy, you’d probably just be making some other equivalent person unhappy. And because it actually comes from within, the only persons happiness you can truly control, is yours. Don’t let other people frighten you away from having that blessing. Instead, find what makes you genuinely happy and be unapologetically, you.

Secondly, just avoid negative people.

Pay close attention to people who don’t clap when you win

There is an overflow of people in the world who don’t want other people, including you, to succeed. Some people honestly don’t even want others to be happy. Don’t waste time with these people! When I look at my life and see all the good people around me, I think to myself, I don’t even always have enough time to spend on them. So, why would I want to waste a moment on someone that brings me down. Negativity never has any substance and even if just for that reason alone, you should never let it seep into your life and your mind. I know this one is often a hard one for everyone, but the sooner you make those draining and pessimistic people insignificant to you, the sooner you can progress in your own journey to happiness.

Thirdly, say yes.

The greatest mistake you can make in life, is to continually fear that you will make one

If something scares you, you should do it. If there is opportunity you’re not ready for, say ‘you accept’, and then try figure out as much as you can before it happens. All year, Ive tried to tell myself to do this and as much as people might think I’m prepared, I basically have winged my entire 2017 day by day. This year I got lucky enough to play my first LPGA event, and needless to say I definitely did not feel ready. But what I had envisioned happening, was nothing like what did happen. Teeing off on the first tee was my most nervous moment in golf strangely enough, but my most fulfilling and satisfying. There were so many parts of me that scared me into that week, but what I learnt from throwing myself into the deep end, was more powerful than almost anything I had learnt previously in my golf life. I learnt a lot about myself, my mind and what I wanted to do with my golf deep down. After three wrist surgeries, it was the reminder I needed to feel that love of being out there again. This is what I want to be doing. I found my full passion again. That wouldn’t have happened if I had said no.

Lastly, to always remember the importance of time.

Love your parents. Sometimes we are too busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old.

Whether we like it or not, there is always a clock ticking. 2017 was the first year I truly understood what the value of time really meant. I can’t tell you how many times I think about what I would change if I could go back to a certain day or moment. But the idea that you can not turn back time is often only daunting, if you have to regret the ways you spent what time you did have. To be fair, a lot of those important things don’t even take up much time. I wish I made more phone calls to my loved ones when I couldn’t be around. I wish I had more photos of all the good times we had enjoyed. I wish I was there. But although I cant improve my past now, I at least know I can improve my future in knowing this reality.

With all that being said, the last year has been a whole new experience for me. Being a natural introvert, there wasn’t a lot of time for me to be that way this year. Looking back, I realise how lucky I am to play a sport like golf that throws me into a world I’d never normally experience. I get to do what I love every single day. How many people can truly say that? But there is one thing that feels different. One thing I wish I could change about this year. On my first birthday where you haven’t been my first phone call, it really puts things into perspective. And I think thats majority of the inspiration for this post.

So, cheers to all the people out there who are breaking norms to live out their dream! Cheers to all the people who clap when their friends win. Cheers to those who venture out of their comfort zone in order to grow. And cheers to my dad, for being one of the biggest reasons I got to experience everything I did, not only in 2017, but in my entire life! You’re the real MVP! ❤️

9 Responses to “Get comfortable, being uncomfortable!”

  1. D2

    Nice thoughts T2. Continued success and wish you the best of luck in 2018. Do you status anywhere for 2018 so far?

  2. Les

    Proud of you to stay focused, Taz! Remember to enjoy the journey and cherish the memories made. No matter what happens, you will find peace and happiness in the comfort of your memories. I wish that you had not endured so many challenges in 2017 but I am confident that they will help you to have success in 2018. I certainly enjoyed the opportunity to spend a few weeks on golf courses with you and will cherish those memories always!

  3. RyanZ_42

    I still have my father, but he isn’t doing too well and I’m sure I don’t reach out to him often enough. Thanks for reminding me how every day I have with him is special.

  4. Wayne Allen

    Awesome, well said and cheers to you, Merry Christmas and all the best in 2018!

  5. Kelly

    This is amazing to read. You are a pretty cool girl. Best of luck in 2018 😉


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