The grass is greener…… On the golf course!

About me

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I am a “work in progress” Professional Golf Player

After graduating from Florida International University in 2013, I took a forced break from golf to have surgery on both my wrists. Now its 2015 and I am finally healthy and ready to prepare my golf for LPGA Qualifying School in August. After returning to New Zealand at the conclusion of a successful college career and an extensive amount of time spent in California, I have returned to Florida to work alongside my coach Joe Vogel.  It has taken years of learning to get to this point and I am still learning even today, but only now am I ready to share all my secrets with you.


Age: 28
Height: 5’8
Weight: 128lbs
Nationality: New Zealand
Ethnicity: Cook Island/European
Lucky Numbers: 19, 12, 0
Fears: Snakes, Heights, Left to Right Wind
Favourite Club: 60 Degree
Best Memory: Shooting 63 in the Missouri University college tournament
Favourite thing about golf: Being able to do what I love whilst networking and travelling
Three most important values: Family, Loyalty and Respect
Scars: Left forearm, Left wedding ring finger, and now surgery scars on both wrists and left hand
Favourite quotes:
“Perseverance is the hard work you do, after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did”
“God places the heaviest burdens on those who can carry the weight”
“Winners never quit, and quitters never win”

Distance Averages

Driver: 265yds
3wd: 240yds
Rescue: 215yds
4iron: 185yds
5iron: 175yds
6iron: 165yds
7iron: 155yds
8iron: 145yds
9iron: 135yds
PW: 115yds
50: 105yds
56: 90yds
60: 75yds

34 Responses to “About me”

  1. Daniela Vial

    Your favorite moments its one of my favorite ones as well;) it was amazing to be a part of that spectacular round of golf! Can’t wait to watch you play your last semester of college!!! ❤

  2. openhearteyeswings

    congrats on graduating and doing so well this year! i wish you much luck trying to be a professional golf player! i’m in my sophomore year at FIU and i played on the tennis team last year. i’m trying to go pro in tennis! 🙂

      • openhearteyeswings

        thanks! i’ll follow you, too 🙂 i saw the fiu golf team on this huge billboard by campus!! did you ever play uhf? i have a friend on the team there. are you back in NZ? really random, but lorde is one of my favorite singers!

      • taniatare63

        That’s so cool! It’s finally up!!!!!!! Good to know! Yeah I’m from New Zealand on wed. Ill be there for six months then move to California to turn pro. No I just played at Fiu and that’s it! Loyal!

      • openhearteyeswings

        wow! that’s awesome!!! a girl i used to play against in tournaments had a dad who commentates/commentated? on the golf tour. his last name is townsend. maybe you know him?

        you’re going to train in cali? congrats!!

  3. Martin Strömberg

    I’m a swedish journalist working for, aning other publications,, Golf Digest and Svensk Golf magazine.
    I want to write a story about you.
    Inbox me if interested. or on FB search for Martin Strömberg
    Regards and merry christmas, hope you get some nice parcels 🙂

  4. TimothyMacAren

    Tania: You moved me. I’m a parent, and I can appreciate how valuable you are.
    Methinks you should be a worldwide poster for Feminism, instead of so many hollow “personalities” that MSM tries so hard to wash our brains with. You are my hero from now on. Go Tania, GO!

  5. kobolila

    You are the type of young lady I liked to discover and whose page I will bookmark.
    A little over two years ago my wife and I adopted a little girl from China, she was almost 2 at the time. Since she has been with us she has flourished immensely and is growing up to be a very happy, and beautiful, young lady.
    I am not sure if it is a artifact of her orphanage life (she has shown to have a strong memory of that time and has related how unhappy she was) but she is quick to say that she “can’t do it” when confronted with even small challenges, as though she is afraid to even try. I want her to learn that though some challenges in life may indeed be insurmountable, most are just lessons in disguise, to teach us how capable we are, and that only she sets her limits.

    Good luck with your challenges; you’re doing a great job!!

    • taniatare63

      That is incredibly special! I was fortunate enough to have a really amazing family and with that, they’ve always supported by encouraging me to go bigger. And I think that’s so important. So this special little girl is really lucky to have you.

      Even for me, it’s never easy. And I get pretty low sometimes about it all, but that is all part of it. “If there were no bad, how would we understand what good even is”…

  6. TJ Desai

    Your’s is quite an interesting story. You don’t do those golf tricks anymore I assume. You probably are the best I’ve seen at those. Wish you well and looking forward to watching you play.

  7. Heather

    Hi Tania – wow, you are amazing! Love the trick shots! Any chance you would consider being a keynote speaker at our client conference? Our industry may appear dull to outsiders but it is full of golf fanatics!

    Looking forward to hearing from you

  8. Von

    Very impressive, you are a motivated go getter. Love those trick shots and make it happen with your golf career.

  9. Erika-Jade

    It’s not everyday you find a women who has the same passion and drive (pardon the pun 😉) and genuine love for golf as you do! I hope your continued comeback after surgery keeps getting more insane and epic as it already has so far! Thanks for sharing your very cool and inspiring story! From your Fellow golfer and Canadian fan! Erika-Jade

  10. johnjant

    Look, i’m not in high school, but if you agree to go to prom with me, I’ll figure that shit out…

  11. Jesse Jimenez

    Hi Tania how do I sign up to get a chance to play with you & Tish?


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