The grass is greener…… On the golf course!


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The 2012 FIU Women’s Golf Team

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The club where it all began – Titirangi Golf Club, Auckland, New Zealand


Over the years I have played competitively in multiple sports. Tennis was my first passion up until golf became my first love. The technicality of golf intrigued me quickly and under my initial coach Zaine Mikkleson, I was able to explore that side of my swing intently. Thanks to him and all our work together over the years I can now comfortably video my own swing and analyze it myself. This way I can find my own faults and fix them even when i’m 20 hours of flying apart from him. In my opinion, if you want to get to the next level, you should be able to do this to your own swing as well. But do remember, these are only thoughts for practice and drilling feelings. It is best to play golf with as limited thought as possible.

So here it goes with the swings..

Firstly, this is a video taking from the day I fractured my wrist.. February 2011

Back side

Front side

One of the biggest issues with my swing at this point of time was the fact on the way up my swing began too steep. This meant that I would come down steep as well therefore having a big force into the ground as opposed to sweeping across the top of the grass better. With all the added force into my wrist and the jarring from my bigger divots at times, my wrist injury was bound to happen over a matter of time. To fix this problem now I have been working on turning my shoulders more and using my body as opposed to being so “handsy” and just swinging up with my arms.

And more recently.. October 2012

Swinging with me on the right is my team mate Carla Jane

What I had been working on before my minor surgery aside from my body and fitness, was learning to use my body more effectively in my swing. In other words, depending more on my larger muscle groups like my legs, hips and shoulders. This was my attempt to not only learn to get my weight to my right side on my back swing but to also take the pressure of my wrists. What I realised in doing this was that not only did I manage to get more power into my swing, but I could also increase my consistency because with the extra weight I didn’t mentally feel like I needed to lengthen my back swing and therefore I could shorten it creating less movement and a more stable base.

Post right wrist anthroscopy, Pre left wrist surgery (March 2013)

Post left wrist surgery and pin removal (December 2014)

Fully recovered (February 2015)

As you can see it was a long journey back to full strength and health. The changes in my swing throughout the videos are for the most part clear compensations for weaknesses in particular areas of my body at certain times. My swing goals currently include more shoulder turn and weight load with wrist hinge (which is still difficult after stabilizing my wrist), compression and commitment. All of these are time consuming changes but now is the time to do it. Surprisingly enough, the results are coming quicker than expected. Along with my practice, my strength building in the gym is currently just as vital for me. Without the strength behind my movement, these positions would take a much longer time to learn. Remember, it takes at least thirty days to teach your body a habit.


3 Responses to “Golf”

  1. weylon rex

    Dear Ms.Tare, I wish you all the best and every success in the years to come. You are definitely talented, so good luck, work hard and God bless you on your journey to the top.

    yours sincerely
    wrx 🙂


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