The grass is greener…… On the golf course!


Its not always all about what happens on the golf course. Most of my lessons learned are found off the golf course. Its times like these where you learn things that you find personally more valuable than the standard swing lesson. Golf is an extremely mental game and of course you will already know that by now, which is why everything in life can have an impact on your golf and performance. These are the true secrets to results, and also to life and here is where I will share them with you.

Golf is not a game of perfect – Bob Rotella


Now, i am not a fan of reading. I much prefer to be doing things outdoors and being active. But this book was a big step in the development of my mental game. I was fortunate enough to be recommended this book and it really changed my attitude and outlook on the course. If you want a read that will put things into perspective for you, this is the one!

The Secret – Rhonda Byrne


Now, this comes in the form of a book, or on iTunes you can download it as a movie for $20us. This is one of those controversial topics. In my opinion, you can take it how you want you.If you keep open minded, this book will do wonders for you. Some people find it hard to grasp the concept but if you go into it with an open mind, you will see the benefits this can have on you. For me personally, much like the book above but to a deeper level, it put things into perspective for me and because of this i was able to come out of it more positively. It also started me on the idea of vision boards and goals. Positive affirmations go a lot further than you realise and a positive outlook on the golf course is a necessity.

A few more books that will benefit your mind..


With the extra reading, it is beneficial as a golfer (and a person) to gain a little more perspective. Often times I hear people say that these types of books are a waste of time and “no one can tell me how to think”. Whilst I can’t say I entirely disagree, I do strongly believe you can’t make a generalization on all books until you have at least tried reading them for yourself. You may not want to read the book again, but I guarantee you will find at least one theory in each book that you can take away and use to better your golf and yourself.

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