The grass is greener…… On the golf course!

“live by it”

Everyone has a dream. Everyone can make goals. But only certain people make dreams become reality. Sometimes there are moments where you wanna give up and you think it might be too hard. You lose sight of what you want because your vision is distorted by all the obstacles in front of you on the way. Everyone faces these challenges everyday. So really, it all comes down to these moments and what they make you believe. In the words of Mary Oliver

“someone once gave me a box of darkness. It took me years to realise that this too, was a gift”

Taking downfalls as opportunities is something needed to be learned because lows are where you learn the most. This brings me to where my story begins. From 63 weeks of injury, to just 63 shots in one round….. Golf managed to steal my heart!

This blog is for all the aspiring golfers who want to know what makes the difference between someone with a dream, and someone who is dreaming. 

3 Responses to ““live by it””

  1. Geoffrey WELLS

    Thanks so much for creating your blog Tania. The messages in its pages already go beyond just aspiring golfers; e.g. the 2nd of your favourite quotes (helps me heaps) and your abilities to navigate stuff so far on your golf / non-golf journey.

    Your blog’s wisdom, skill-sharing and info (incl. details of your wristory history) adds many dimensions to what you told me on-course during your caddying of Jenna H @Oatlands last week. Good luck in rest of NZ Open – whatever result!

    Social media may be your “homework”; but this blog is gold! Good luck 2014+

    • taniatare63

      Thanks a lot for that message! It means a lot! I appreciate the fact you appreciate the blog! Might just have to keep it going for the people like you! 🙂 see you in the future, hopefully sooner rather than later!

  2. Geoffrey WELLS

    Ta☺! Hope to catch a round of yours in Australian Open @Victoria GC while visiting family in Melbourne. I predict mid-FEB temp there will be Miami-like. Meanwhile, stay cool in R2 @Clearwater … in less than half temp. compared to what your R2 golf partner experienced as runner-up AM in Adelaide 2 weeks ago!


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