The grass is greener…… On the golf course!


The most neglected part of the average athletes life. Food and nutrition is the basis to a healthy and fit body. Not only will it help things like energy levels in golf, it also assists in working out and muscle building, not to mention a healthy longevity of life. In reality, it should in fact be the most important part of your life aside from your passion. These are just a few of the ways changing my diet has helped me:

* Muscle building
* Fat burning
* Sleeping patterns
* Weight gain (this is specifically for myself but obviously assists in weight loss as well)
* Increase in energy levels
* Increased metabolism speed

They say that “its 10 percent what you do in the gym, and 90 percent what you do after”. If you’re putting 100 percent in at the gym, this is definitely the way you should live by. In this section I will show you some healthy eating tips and ways to be able to eat what you want but in a positive way.

A few of my handy tips..

Drink atleast two litres of water per day
This is something I do without fail. Water is a necessity. Your body is 80% water. This percentage needs to be maintained to remain healthy. It is needed for many things including aiding in digestion and other bodily functions, temperature control, removing toxins from your body and so fourth. One thing I found for myself personally is it got rid of my constant headaches I used to have. Try start yourself…

Even though normally I am not a big fan of taking things I don’t necessarily feel I need to, this is one of those exceptions. Colostrum is basically a pre-milk that is given to a mother for the first few days after birth. With the high levels of immunoglobins, colostrum helps the body to fight disease whilst also nourishing the body’s growth. Due to the high amounts anti inflammatory’s and antibodies, I personally used it to aid in my body’s recovery from injury. I also take it to assist my body in fighting sickness. Lastly, and the best thing about colostrum is it is all natural.

3 Responses to “Nourishment”

  1. Yvonne

    Hi Tania, I am here because I saw a video of you on FB showcasing some very amazing and incredible skills. Just wow!
    I am writing because in reading this page, I wanted to correct what you wrote about colostrum. It is a pre-milk that mothers’ bodies make for their young, and the colostrum that is consumed by humans (and even that some animals are given in their diets) as a health supplement is collected from bovine. Much like many animal industries, it is not always ethically sourced, so it is good to do some research. ๐Ÿ™‚
    I wish you much continued wellness and success!

  2. Mark Gentzkow

    Hi – I oversee sales for ABC in Chicago. Do you do any appearances? If so, let me know. Continued success!



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