The grass is greener…… On the golf course!


“People may be more talented than you, but there is never an excuse for someone to work harder than you”


The battle to a fit and healthy body


This photo was taken two years ago after our first college tournament of my sophomore spring season. The swelling in my right hand on the thumb side was unfortunately due to a fractured scaphoid bone which I did in the middle of a round forcing a four iron a longer distance. The nickname for this bone as told by my amazing specialist Dr Ouelette, is the “heartbreak” bone. Basically, due to its location the blood supply is very limited which causes it to be the slowest healing bone in your body. It was this day where i truly realised the importance of strength and maintenance of health with the physical aspects of your body.


15 weeks in a cast and hitting again 6 months later, rehab every other day I entered my junior year of college ready to play again. Due to my personal lack of experience with injuries and urgency to get back on the course, I rehabbed insufficiently and a year later I have just recently had a minor surgery on my wrist to clear the tendonitis formed, remove scar tissue and clean the tears so I can get through the next season in less pain.


Currently I am rehabbing for this recovery and in May 2013 i will have my final surgery to repair three tears I have in my wrist joint. Right now this is me…


In a week I will be on the course again slowly getting back into my swing.

In this section I will account you on my rehab which can assist you in recovering from surgery or injury and update you on new and improved ways I have learnt through professionals on to get stronger to hit the ball longer and more consistently. Not only do these tips improve your game and lower your scores, they will prevent you from getting injuries that can put you out for long and unnecessary periods of time.


So after rehabilitating my right wrist and rushing back into my last season for college golf, I pushed my left wrist to it’s limit and ended up doing a fair bit of damage. I had a very successful surgery with a very top level Orthopaedic Surgeon in Miami, Fl by the name of Alejandro Badia in mid July 2013. I had two pins inserted to reattach my ligament to my bones. Due to putting too much pressure on my left wrist in the spring I ended up tearing my lunotriqutral ligament to a grade III tear and tore a section of my TFCC ligament too. Because of the instability from the harsh tears I also damaged other parts of the wrist joint. So surgery was my only option.


This was taken a week after the pinning.


And this is where the pins were placed in my wrist.


Eight weeks later and back home in New Zealand, I had my pins removed as in my x-ray check-up my bones in my wrist were all back in place and stable. I had a very successfuly surgery with Auckland based hand and wrist specialist surgeon Dr Timothy Tasman-Jones.



This is the most recent picture of my left wrist since the recovery process has begun. I am currently working with a very well known hand specialist here in Auckland and in understanding that this type of surgery doesn’t always recover full flexion and movement, rehab is going considerably well. One great thing she taught me was your joints line of defense.

Muscle -> Ligament -> Bone

And although I already knew the anatomy of it, it wasn’t until that appointment last friday that I realised the true extent of how unbelievable your body really is. So with that said, get stronger and fitter. With strength, you will have the best force on your side when your body has to fight outer forces.

A little update picture of my road back to full strength…. 

Posted Friday, 13th March 2015


“Turn your weaknesses into your strengths”

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